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Online Impact Start Up Kit

Online Impact Program Starter Kit and TeamManager System available now! Please go to and begin the process today! This is a one time set up process!

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All start up kits are via our Team Manager System. Part One is a one time set up process which sets up your Team Manager account. This account will be used for both the start up kit and any event registrations like camps, competitions or conferences.

Start Up Kit Includes:

Impact Season Shirt
Your choice of the themed Impact season shirt or a custom t-shirt*
*$2 upcharge for custom t-shirt
Season Devotionals
Themed devotional booklet for each coach and athlete for spiritual time at each practice.
String Backpack
Impact string backback in your choice of color.
(Additional colors available)
Cheerleading Bows
Impact bow in your choice of color.
(Additional colors available)
End of Year Gift
A special collection pic for each athlete on your team.
Download Links
Curriculum & music download links for practice assistance.

1) Go to and click "Sign Up". Follow the on screen prompts to set up a user and your organization. This is a one time process.

2) Using the Menu to the left, Select Team Manager Menu, and look for Start Up Kit toward the bottom

3) Follow the on screen prompts to complete your new start up kit! It is a multi-step process including:

  • Impact Contract
    - Annual Impact Registration Fee $250
  • Select Uniform Vendor
    - Vendor Information / Catalogs included in this step
  • Step 1: Promotional Materials
    - 8' x 3' Banner (Optional for Schools & Gyms)
    - Extra Optional Promotional Items
  • Step 2: Uniform Sizing Date Selection
  • Step 3: Coaches Training Materials
    - Webcast
    - Coaches Manual
  • Step 4: Register Your Program
    - Complete "Team Set Up"
    - Add Parent Emails
  • Step 5: Uniform Details
    - T-shirt Sizing
    - Additional Cheer Wear

TM3 Register Here!

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