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The Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders is the largest Christian Ministry in the world solely focused on sharing Christ to cheerleaders!

Summer Private Camps

Camp Theme: Life is Good

Weren't able to make it to one of our residential camps this summer? NO PROBLEM! With FCC/FCD's Private Camp program you get the same great instruction at the convenience of your schedule and at your facility ... even during the school year! This economical option will prove to be a fantastic choice for your team!

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You make the choices during an FCC/FCD Private Camp!

Your 1st choice: Date of the Private Camp

You have the opportunity to choose the dates that work best for you and your team! By choosing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd date options, FCC/FCD can ensure that we meet your scheduling needs! We will come on a Friday after school, and stay all day through Saturday!

Your 2nd choice: Focus of the Private Camp

FCC/FCD caters to the needs of your squad at each Private Camp. The schedule can be altered to best suit your squad. No other company can promise that!

What will you get during a Private Camp?

Quality Instruction

FCC/FCD guarantees 1 instructor per 20 cheerleaders! The instructor will be a member of FCC/FCD's Summer Camp Staff and is guaranteed to be a born-again Christian, come from a top program nationally, and specially trained by the FCC/FCD Administrative team.

Quality Material

Your squad will learn the same cutting-edge material that is taught at our Residential Camps! You have the option to learn cheers, chants, partner stunts, pyramids, jumping techniques and music routines. Even more, at the conclusion of the camp, you get access to all the summer material and some bonus material to keep!

All squads registering will receive FREE access to our 2024 Instructional Videos ($50.00 Value). The download access includes all camp music mixes, camp material videos, and stunt videos.

How much does it cost?

Two-Day Camps
  • For 15 or more cheerleaders: $159.00 per participant
  • For less than 15 cheerleaders: $2,385 total
Three-Day Camps
  • For 15 or more cheerleaders: $189.00 per participant
  • For less than 15 cheerleaders: $2,835 total

There is a $100.00 Deposit due at the time of request.

A $200.00 Transportation fee will be applied if coaches elect not to pick up and drop off the instructor(s) from the airport.

Regardless of the Transportation fee, coaches are responsible for transporting the instructor(s) to and from the hotel and the school / gym each day.

Remember that every camp is completely customized to your specific needs!!

FCC has a wonderful ministry through the [Private camp] program. It enables squads to get training at home without the time and expense of traveling. Karen Walker, Pleasant View Christian, Pleasant View, TN

Camp Schedules & Forms

Private Camp 2 Day Cheer Schedule
Private Camp 3 Day Cheer Schedule
Private Camp 2 Day Dance Schedule
Private Camp 3 Day Dance Schedule
Weekend Camp Cheer Schedule
Private Camp Check List
USA Cheer/AACCA Guidelines
Medical Release Form
Optional Insurance Form

Upcoming Events

Jun 24
26, 2024

Christian Heritage School Camp

Jul 9
12, 2024

Dallas Baptist University Camp

Jul 18
20, 2024

Evansville Christian School Camp

Jul 23
25, 2024

North Raleigh Christian Academy Camp

Jul 29
Aug 1, 2024

Azusa Pacific University I Camp

Aug 5
7, 2024

Cascade Christian High School Camp

Aug 15
17, 2024

Delaware County Christian School Camp

Oct, 2024

Georgia FCC/Impact Kick Off Classic

Oct, 2024

Virginia FCC/Impact Kick Off Classic

Nov, 2024

FCC/Impact Atlanta Classic

Nov, 2024

Florida FCC/Impact Kick Off Classic

Dec, 2024

Georgia State Championships

Dec, 2024

East Coast Championships

Dec, 2024

Florida State Championships

Jan 2
4, 2025

Nationals Christian Cheerleading Championships

Jan, 2025

FHSAA State Qualifier

Jan, 2025

Carolina Championships

Feb, 2025

Texas State Championships

Feb, 2025

West Coast Championships


Fall Classic


FCC Cancellation/Refund Policy

This section states our current refund policy as of January 1st 2012. This has been put in place by the Board of Directors.

This notice supersedes any and all conflicting policy notices on the cheerfcc, impactcheerleading, or teammanager websites, including automated invoices.

Once your athlete and coach numbers are confirmed through Team Manager, you and your school are responsible for the full balance. There will be no partial/full refunds given for cancellations nor will there be any transfers allowed. FCC is unable to pro-rate camp fees for campers that are unable to attend the full camp.

FCC will not issue any credits or refunds for events due to inclement weather if the event takes place. FCC's staff spends months preparing for and securing camp / competition locations - it is not possible to reschedule to "the next weekend" as venues most likely are not available and we have other events on the calendar. Thank you for your understanding.
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