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October 25, 2019 – Spartanburg, SC and Suwanee, GA

Upward Sports and the Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders announce partnership for the 2020 cheerleading season.

Upward Sports and the Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders (FCC) have agreed to partner together to train the next generation of cheerleaders. FCC will be providing cutting edge sideline cheerleading curriculum for Upward Cheerleading programs as well as online Coaches Training Classes. Upward Cheerleading will be promoting FCC’s faith-based competitive cheerleading as an option for their current programs. Upward Cheerleading programs will also have the opportunity to partner with FCC to provide a summer cheerleading camp on their campus to influence their community.

The partnership of these two organizations will have an immediate impact on the cheerleading culture. There are an estimated 4 million cheerleaders annually in the USA, with 84% of them attending a summer camp and 67% of them competing locally, regionally or nationally. Both organizations have a unique program geared for outreach and discipleship through the sport of cheerleading. Both Upward and FCC are committed to working together to fulfill the Great Commission given in Matthew 28.

The Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders ministers to over 10,000 campers, competitors and coaches annually through a variety of summer camps, competitions and conferences. FCC was established in 1986 and has trained over 6,000 coaches and 2,000 staff instructors during their 35-year history. FCC started Impact Cheerleading in 2004 to partner with churches, schools and other entities who are interested in mentoring competitive cheerleaders in a faith-based atmosphere. Impact has a dual purpose, first, to use the coaching relationship to present each participant the life changing message of the gospel and second to train up our future high school cheerleaders in an effort to change our campuses for Christ.

Upward Sports is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the discovery of Jesus through sports by being a trusted partner to churches in every community to increase the impact of the church’s mission. Upward provides strategic consulting, logistics, materials and spiritual support churches need to engage with their communities through youth sports experiences for children in kindergarten through twelfth grade. Since 1995, Upward has supported more than 5,300 individual churches in running more than 50,000 leagues, camps and clinics, serving more than 7 million participants and their families.

“I think this partnership will make a significant impact on the cheerleading world. The focus on training these future leaders at a young age will have a lasting impact on future middle school and high school campuses. I am humbled and honored to partner with such an outstanding evangelistic sports organization as Upward Sports.” Cary Coleman, President FCC

“We are very excited to join with FCC to be able to offer our church partners new and innovative cheer curriculum and coaching resources. FCC’s commitment to excellence, fun and growth of the whole athlete, is a wonderful compliment to the sports experiences our church partners are providing to their communities. We are looking forward to an impactful 2020 in cheerleading!” Bill Palmer, Executive Director Upward Sports

For more information on Upward Cheerleading, contact our Partner Experience Team at 800-585-4721.

For more information on FCC and Impact Cheerleading go to or call 800-825-6953.

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