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People's Choice Award

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People's Choice Award

Help support FCC missions by donating to Global Initiative's "People's Choice Award" contest. We keep track of all donations given via cheerfcc.org, teammanager.cheerfcc.org, and personal donations given at FCC competitions. The school, church, or gym who donates the most to Global Initiative will be acknowledged for their outstanding financial sacrifice at our next National Christian Cheerleading Championships. Don't miss out on this fun, interactive way to contribute to the Great Commission!

I would also like to cover the 3% Credit Card Fee so that the full amount of my donation will be given to the earmarked recipient.

Credit Card Information

This is a One Time Donation
This is a Recurring Monthly Donation
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Billing Information

Your email is used for two purposes: 1) to send a confirmation email of your donation, 2) to send periodic updates (monthly/yearly) of how your support has impacted the Global Initiative Ministry.
Only send a confirmation email, I would like to opt out of all periodic email updates.

2018 Current Leaders

(Does not reflect cash donations)
North Florida Christian School $30.00
Tri City Christian School $10.00
Lafayette Christian School $5.00
Fruit Cove Baptist Church $5.00
The Kings Academy $5.00
Wolves $5.00
Village Christian Academy $5.00
Exclusive Elite All-Stars Jewelz $5.00
Cornerstone Christian School $5.00
Faith West Academy $5.00
Cornerstone Preparatory Academy $5.00
Ovilla Christian School $5.00
Central Texas Christian School $5.00
Lake Country Christian School $5.00
Fort Bend Baptist Academy $5.00
Florida Christian School $5.00
Capital Christian Cougars $5.00
Fellowship Academy $5.00
Christian Heritage Academy $5.00

New Mailing Address

Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders
2600 Northlake Drive
Suite D
Suwanee GA 30024

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